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June 16th - June 22nd 2024 | Camp Crucis in Granbury, TX

St. Mike’s





St Michael, Defend Us!

What is the Conference?

St. Michael’s Conference is a 7-day gathering where an intentional community of prayer, support, and education helps to form young Christians (12-19 years old) to be witnesses to the world of the Saving Power of Jesus Christ.

Our conference is patterned along the lines of the St. Michael's Conference Midwest and the Eastern Conference, which was begun in 1960.

A unique opportunity for youth.

Through worship, study, discussion, recreation, and relaxation, the community seeks both a clearer vision of God in Christ, and strength and power to fight evil and serve God. For most, it is such a joyful experience that they want it to continue, and many do continue by returning year after year. Michael is a fitting patron saint for the conference, as he symbolizes a strong religion, one where true joy is to be found.

This conference has already borne much fruit in the life of the Church through the lives of those Michaelites (Conference participants) who are active in their respective parishes throughout the Anglican Church. We are committed to making the Conference available to the youth of the Southwestern region of the United States. Our intention is not to do a “new” thing, but to faithfully hand on what has been given to us - the Catholic Faith. Our worship and practice are therefore wholeheartedly Anglo-Catholic, and our teaching orthodox.

“The Conference didn’t just change my life, it redefined it and gave me a true sense of calling, purpose, and vocation.”

— Fr Director


A Day in the Life of a Michaelite

Here's what to expect during the week!

7:30 AM

Morning Prayer

8:00 AM

Solemn High Mass

9:00 AM


10:00 AM

First Class Period

11:00 AM

Second Class Period


Third Class Period

1:00 pM


2:00 PM

Free Time

5:00 PM

Solemn Evensong & Faculty Talk

6:00 PM


6:45 PM

Discussion Groups

8:00 pM

Evening Social Activity

10:00 PM

Clean Up

10:30 PM


11:00 PM

Lights Out Juniors, then Seniors


Fr Hayden Butler

Fr Ronald Drummond, SSC

Fr Geordan Geddings, SSC

Fr K.C. Lopez

Fr John Mack

Fr Timothy Matkin, SSC

Fr Micah Snell

Fr Spencer Stubblefield, SSC

Fr Jeff Stubbs, SSC

Fr Martin Yost, SSC

Sr Mary Grace OSB

Fr Director

Fr Joseph Francis, SSC

St Alban’s, arlington

Head Counselors


& Jake Colglazier

STAFF 2024

Katy West - Chapel of the Cross Dallas

Lauren Wallace - Christ Church Waco

Patrick Estes - St Alban’s Arlington

Brooke Smith - Christ Church Waco

Milyna Stanphil - Christ Church Waco

Kristy Leaseburg - St John’s Fort Worth

Taylor Slusser - Christ Church Waco

William Hargrave - St Patrick’s New Orleans

Mama Rogers - St Francis Dallas

Cade Stegall - Trinity Church Bakersfield

“I didn’t understand the Gospel. I couldn’t forgive myself; and, in turn, I couldn’t forgive others which led to resentment. The pinnacle of the conference is confession; the surrender of my pride. St Michael’s Conference was a huge step from milk to solid food.”

— Allison R



The total cost for the week is $450. We will need a minimum $100 deposit sent in with your registration form. The balance of $350 will be due when you arrive at Camp Crucis. The deposit is non-refundable.

Even if you have paid online, we still need you to submit the registration form (either mailed or emailed).

If you have an outstanding balance, please bring cash or a check to check-in at Camp Crucis on June 16th.

Checks should ONLY be made payable to

"St Michael's Conference Southwest"


See you there!

Who may attend?

The conference is open to youth ages 12 to 19. To be eligible, a candidate must be 12 at the start of the conference. Conference attendees should be Christians who desire a deeper intimacy with God. Questions and doubts are a part of the process and do not disqualify a serious candidate.

What will it cost?

The total cost for the week is $450. A deposit of $100 is required and is non-refundable.

When can you register?

Register now!! Click on "The 2024 Registration Forms" link above. Fill the form out online, THEN print it, and then after printing - send in your completed signed forms and your payment and you are good to go.

WHere is the conference held?

Our venue is Camp Crucis in Granbury, TX - the camp and conference facility of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. Click here for a map to Camp Crucis.

st michael the archangel

defend us in the day of battle. be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust down to hell Satan, and all wicked spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.

May 21, 1959 - March 08, 2024

In Memory of Fr Christopher Cantrell, SSC

Founder and Father Director Emeritus of St Michael’s Conference Southwest

He has been a faithful priest to hundreds of our young people, and we will forever be grateful to God for his example and love. Please consider making a contribution in his memory to support the work of our Conference.

St Michael

World without end


Pray for us

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